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Our offices are in Palm Harbor, FL so of course we specialize in the Palm Harbor area but we also work in Clearwater, Tampa, Pasco County and Spring Hill as well -- The entire Tampa Bay area. With over $450 million in sales we are one of the top Realtor groups in Northern Pinellas County. When you work with us, you can feel secure knowing you are working with a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of professionals, eager to earn your trust and exceed your expectations! Call us today, we are waiting for your call.

Nick Acosta, REALTOR Cell: 813-728-8060 // Bria Patti, REALTOR Cell: 727-681-1373 Read More
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Joe Gibbons, REALTOR Cell: 727-688-0699 // Elaine Hope, REALTOR Cell: 727-410-7144 Read More
Jilliam Jamison, REALTOR - Cell: 727-804-7622 Lori Cvorak, REALTOR - Cell: 727-272-2386 Marianne Knowles, REALTOR - Cell: 813-720-9201 Read More
Jody Kaufman, REALTOR Cell: 813-523-9924 Read More
Len Lipply, REALTOR Cell: 727-642-0255 Read More
Michael Madson, REALTOR Cell: 727-479-7579 // Don Lynch, REALTOR Cell: Cell: 727-514-9784 // Donna Pentrack, REALTOR Cell: 727-816-0659 // Mike Mestre, REALTOR  Cell: 813-407-7075 Read More
Megan Pargov, REALTOR Cell: 727-459-8997 // Monica Maltese, REALTOR Cell: 727-207-8595 // Brieanna Burch, REALTOR Cell: 727-776-6108 Read More
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Jeff Stone, REALTOR Cell: 727-735-4285 // Paul Fernandes, REALTOR Cell: 727-946-1841 Read More
Thomas Towns, REALTOR Cell: 727-455-4318 // Bart Hanchey, REALTOR Cell: 727-424-8881 // Sonja Craparo, REALTOR Cell: 727-482-8476 // Beverly Scott, REALTOR Cell: 727-277-1699 //  Read More