20 Tips for Acing the Real Estate Exam from experienced agents!


  1. If you haven’t signed up for the class look up Joe as the instructor from Bob Hogue, he is very good!
  2. Day before the test don’t touch the book! Try to go in relaxed. 
  3. Write notecards for all definitions, key points highlighted from class, formulas and anything the instructor said was "important".
  4. Sometimes there are multiples answers that can be right, you have to pick the very best answer that covers the question in its entirety......read all of the answers before you actually pick your final answer. 
  5. Skip the ones you don't know right away, circle them, and then go back and try again. Getting stuck on a question leads to frustration and can throw you off for the rest of the exam. Sometimes a similar question follows that will allow you to go back and answer one of the ones you originally skipped.
  6. Instructor led is always better as it leads to open discussion and you'll have a better understanding of the subject.
  7. Find an amazing video on YouTube called Prep Agent— the instructor Joe made concepts so much easier to understand.
  8. Get a study buddy to review the practice tests and talk out the answers together. The real estate exam is very tricky and worded to be confusing.  
  9. Don’t skip the cram course.
  10. Take practice exams online, there are unlimited attempts.
  11. Have a friend or family member quiz you.
  12. Purchase the audio book and listen to it every day to review. 
  13. Make sure you know the study guide like the back of your hand - so similar to the test. 
  14. Since there are many scenarios with realistic "incorrect" answers, one of the best things an instructor told us was not to think too much, rather "know" the law.
  15. Read each question twice before selecting an answer.
  16. Read "True/False" and double negative questions ie..."Which of these is NOT the correct answer" should be read 3 times before selecting the correct answer.
  17. Get a good night's sleep prior to the exam.
  18. Don't forget the Math!!  Know your math formals. There could be up to 20 math questions!
  19. You do not need to get a 99 to pass, you just need a 75/76....so stay focused to do as best as you can.
  20. If you fail, don’t beat yourself up - take the test again immediately while the info is still fresh.


We hope you find value in our 20 TIPS above and wish you the best of luck taking the exam. Once you get your license we would love to set up a short informational meeting with you so that we can share with you what we have to offer and also answer any questions you may have about our brokerage. Please fill out the form below so that we may know if you are interested in speaking with us.  Or, click over to our main website and read about our offerings now. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

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