Consider Buying a Dunedin Condominium Article by Bob Lipply

Consider Buying A Condominium

Consider Buying A CondominiumCondominiums in the Dunedin area have become a popular choice for those seeking to buy second homes, real estate investments, or for those desiring a break from outside maintenance and upkeep. This is due to the multitude of benefits associated with condominium living. Combine those benefits with the beauty, abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and coastline of the Tampa Bay area, and attractions like: Busch Gardens, Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World and you have a winning combination that pays for itself again and again.

How so you might ask? Why should you consider a condominium over a single-family dwelling for example? When you buy a single home, you will need to purchase homeowner's insurance to secure financing from most lenders and also to protect yourself from loss due to fire, theft, etc. When you purchase a condominium, the insurance is included as a part of the monthly maintenance fee; most lenders therefore, don't require you to purchase separate homeowners insurance policy.

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If you buy a single-family dwelling you will have to maintain your home and your lawn yourself, whereas, condo owners can spend their time doing other things while someone else mows the lawn and cleans out those gutters! Upkeep and maintenance are included in the Condominium's maintenance agreement, and these owners are more than happy to pay a monthly fee in order to not have to worry about getting these things done themselves. 

For the most part, condominium maintenance fees are reasonable when you add up the costs involved and how much it would cost for you to hire someone to do these things for you.  On the Florida beaches you will find higher condominium maintenance fees and this is because there is simply much more maintenance that comes with owning a home near the ocean.  On the other hand, owning a condominium slightly inland can save you a lot of money on the purchase as well as the monthly maintenance fees.

The safety of your family and the security of your real estate property are of course, very important to you. While the owners of single-family homes may choose to equip their homes with expensive alarm systems, most condo owners have the benefit of gated security, which provides 24 hour protection, even when you're away. Such security also makes it harder for the "unlawful" to spot an unoccupied dwelling. Single homes, whose owners are away, are easier to detect due to such things as: uncut grass, no lights on in the home, and no activity around the home. At a condominium complex, there is always some kind of activity, which helps to conceal that you're away from your property.

Condominiums provide some pretty terrific amenities right there on the property. Some of those amenities are: fitness rooms, pools, spas, restaurants, hair salons, tennis and golf to its residents. It would be impossible for a single home owner to duplicate some of these amenities and cost-prohibitive to acquire some of these amenities.  Keep in mind that the more amenities there are in a condominium, the higher the maintenance fee can be.  It costs money to keep up the amenities for the residents to enjoy.  Amenities are what makes condo living so popular though.  In the long run, the more amenities the condo has, the more saleable and desirable the condominium will be on a resale.

Real estate investors will find that some condominiums, depending on the condo restrictions, are easily rented out short or long term. If you and your family use your condominium only part of the year, consider leasing it out for additional income for yourself. Have your real estate agent check the restrictions for you before making an offer for purchase.  Not all condos are alike on this policy.

Now that you know about the many benefits to owning a condominium, add the undeniable value that owning a condominium in the Tampa Bay area of Florida's West Coast holds for you. Now you will have a place to escape to when the temperatures up north get down right cold! You won't ever have to worry about no vacancies at hotels, and resorts either. The beach and ocean with bountiful amounts of sun are at your doorstep. Dunedin Florida Condos offers you the opportunity to get away from areas that are overcrowded with tourists, and yet you're only a short drive from Florida's most popular attractions. If you're looking for a way to make some additional income, consider renting out your condo unit when you head back north in the summer. 

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