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cwb realtyClearwater is known as one of the most demanded areas for tourism and recreational activities because of its vast coastal areas and immense natural beauty. Located in Tampa Bay on West Coast of Florida, Clearwater is in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

Clearwater real estate projects are booming as usual. The infrastructure development that took place in the recent past boosted the economic and tourism activities of the land considerably bringing more and more real estate projects, both residential and commercial, to this potential land. The figure says it all. Pinellas County, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Clearwater, attracts about 4.7million tourists every year. Though it is considered as the residential base of Clearwater, the county also functions as a platform for many commercial and industrial activities.

The city's infrastructure development has witnessed a quality development with the combined involvement of the public and private partnership. The beachfront and the downtown areas of the city are emerging as the potential areas for real estate investment. Many real estate projects are coming up, especially those for luxury condos.

The downtown is emerging as the hub of real estate activities. Strategically located, it is the administrative center of the county and is very close to the beaches. The multiple housing projects that are taking shape in the downtown area as part of the area redevelopment programs are attracting investors towards it. The constructions meet all the safety standards set by the authority, and they are quality tested too. A long list of projects for condos, townhouses, etc., are in the queue to enter into the real estate listing.

The following are a few among the new projects that have taken shape in the downtown area recently.

Harrison Village and Islandview Tower Project. This project is a group of luxury condos, ideally located between Fort Harrison and Osceola. The area that is already known for its cultural, entertainment and commercial activities now boast of hosting more than 300 housing units in addition to the necessary retail and office spaces.

There are many 'bluff' parcels that are developed towards the west of Osceola Avenue. The vast 7.8 acres of land allocated for these parcels belonged to the Calvary Baptist Church. A project for mixed land use is carried out there by constructing luxury condos, restaurants, boutiques, and pedestrian plazas, etc. Other projects that are developed in this area include the City Hall, Harborview Conference Center Property, and Downtown Super Block.

Apart from these new projects, there are immense options of real estate investment in the older projects. Many condos are offered for resale for a price ranging from about $99,000 for single-bedroom condos to $200,000 for 4-bedroom condos. It would be a great option to go for these as secondary homes, as many of these old homes are already occupied with tenants. If you wish to take the advantage of pre-construction booking, there are still a few options. Call or email us for details of Clearwater new construction starts. We have all the up to date information!

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