Get Information on the Downtown area of Dunedin Florida

Downtown Main Street holds many of Dunedin's festivities throughout the year. Arts and crafts festivals and parades are held here and many residents and visitors enjoy the trendy shops and cafes located up and down this central area of town.

Main Street

Located off Main Street in Dunedin are the fun shops that make up this quaint shopping and dining destination. As you stroll down the street you will feel like you are back in time when there were no large shopping malls and you had friendly neighborhood stores to visit. There are charming pottery or gift stores, clothing boutiques, a florist shop, antique galleries and even a creative cookie store. Just off the main street you can also find a brewery, artist studios, a fantastic paper store and quilting supply center. And Main Street has some great options for dining. The Black Pearl is an upscale dining restaurant, featuring steak, lobster and many other mouth watering dishes. But if you're looking for some fun, Kelly's of Dunedin is like no other restaurant I know. The food is fantastic, from great steak and chicken dishes to incredible appetizers and decadent desserts. They are open from breakfast to dinner and have specialties at each of them. And the ambiance is eclectic and fun whether dining inside or on the outside patio. Next store and co-owned you will find the Chickaboom Room. Here you will taste great wine, awesome martini's or just enjoy gathering with friends in an upbeat setting. It is a very popular place when visiting Dunedin and you won't want to miss it.


There are ice cream shops, and many other restaurants featuring American, Italian or any kind of food your taste buds can imagine. SeaSea Riders is at the end of Main Street and is a great place to get the best seafood dishes. It has a key west feel to the establishment and many people enjoy dining on the patio area year round. After dinner you may want to stroll across the street to the marina. Gorgeous sail boats and smaller watercraft come in and out of the water here and it's a great place to walk along on a beautiful Florida evening.

No matter where you go in Downtown Dunedin, you will be sure to have fun. It's a great place to enjoy a spring day or a summer's night just walking along the shops and having a nice dinner out. Come visit this Dunedin landmark for yourself. And, if you are looking for historic homes in Dunedin, you will find many of them in and around downtown.

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