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The Florida Beaches

Florida BeachesWhen many people think of Florida the first thoughts they have are sunshine and beaches. That's because Florida has gorgeous sunshine year round and breathtaking white sandy beaches that attract residents and visitors year round. Some beaches are more well-known such as The Florida Keys, Miami's South Beach. The east coast has Daytona and Cocoa Beach and on the west coast there is St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach. Panama City has also become a popular spring break and summer getaway for younger beach goers who are looking for a great place to unwind and enjoy the sun. No matter which location you choose, you can't go wrong. Most locations have taken great care in preserving their shorelines, placing boardwalks or piers to sight see from, and offer low priced and upscale hotels and condominiums to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a seasonal getaway or want to call one of these seaside locations home, you will not be disappointed. Florida is blessed with warm weather almost year round which makes it a great place to stroll in the sand, splash in the water, enjoy a sunset or take advantage of the beachside restaurants that provide lively entertainment and night life.

Florida is surrounded by great waterways to enjoy. You can charter a boat or Jet Ski to play on the water. A good captain will be able to help you catch snook, grouper or the many other types of fish in these waters! You can take sight seeing cruises where you can see dolphins, sea turtles or go to many small or remote islands off these coasts. The Florida Keys is an ocean lovers paradise and popular for lobster catching, snorkeling or scuba diving. It has great live coral and the scenery is breathtaking.

Recently, many beaches have started to expand to not just offer daytime activities but to really spice up their night life. Visitors were coming to this area and spending their days at the shore and their nights in larger cities nearby. These cities decided they wanted their visitors to stay nearby and have taken an interest in offering beachside entertainment such as bands, magicians, and street vendors. Local restaurants and hotels have begun serving appetizers and drinks out on the patio areas and people have started to enjoy sitting by the ocean at night listing to the crashing waves. Now these beachside locations are some of the most popular in town!

Florida Real Estate has always been very popular on the water. Hotels are remodeling to attract more guests. Condominiums and town homes are undergoing renovations to update their facilities and offer more amenities to their owners. Waterfront property has never been more popular. If you are looking for a great place to vacation or live, don't miss the Florida Beaches. These white sand beaches overlook some of the best water and sea life. View dolphins splashing in the water or go for a day of fishing and you will see why so many people come to Florida year round!

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