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 Oldsmar Real EstateA condominium, or condo, as the abbreviation goes is a type of housing indicative of a of collective ownership of real estate where a part is commonly owned and the other parts are individually held. These condominiums are usually on one level but can be on the first, second or third floors. They exist in a building with many other condos that coexist with the common areas such as hallways, pools, tennis courts and recreational centers. These are jointly owned by all residents of the building.

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Condominiums are popular in Oldsmar as they are in many other places in Florida. Most condos prices in the real estate sector for Oldsmar will vary dependent on the location. But the average price is lower than $200,000 and are much more affordable the single family homes. Owners of Condos in Oldsmar are required to pay maintenance fees for their residential unit that is collected by the homeowners association, who manage the common areas in the building through an elected board of directors.

This type of property appeals to all types of families and singles in Pinellas County whether the customer is looking to relocate, downsize, or buy a second home for a Florida get-away. Many investors buy condos as well and rent them out for a profit. Whatever your reason for buying a condo we are proud to be able to help you with your purchase.

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