Palm Harbor Education

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Education, athletics, and community service are serious business in Palm Harbor. This town proudly boasts of many Grade A and B Schools:

Palm Harbor Elementary School
Lake St. George Elementary School
Highland Lakes Elementary School
Curlew Creek Elementary School
Joseph L. Carwise Middle School
Palm Harbor Middle School
East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering
East Lake High School
Palm Harbor University High School

Schools in Florida are assessed on the basis of how well their students have managed to master the standards declared by the state. These standards refer to the skill sets the teachers of the State deemed the students should possess at different academic levels. This is measured by the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) held every academic year. This mode of assessment earns the schools points dependent on their students achievements and at the conclusion of the academic year, the schools are all awarded a grade.

Palm Harbor has many primary and adult education centers. It is a good choice when it comes to quality education. 

Palm Harbor has gained the distinction of being one of the best school districts in Pinellas County. Many families relocate to Palm Harbor so that their children get the finest education available. No wonder Palm Harbor is often the first choice for families when it comes to buying a home.  Locate the Palm Harbor subdivision of your dreams now.

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