Pinellas Trail Article

The Pinellas County Pinellas Trail

About the Pinellas Trail

pinellas trailThe Pinellas Trail is an exciting addition to Pinellas County.  This trail,  a linear, multi-use trail extending from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springsextends over 34 miles throughout the county and gives residents a place to walk, bike, jog or stroll on a safe pathway.  Over 90,000 people a month use this trail that was first opened in 1990.  It has become a great place for families to stay active and encourage their children to exercise with them.  You can often see families riding bikes, rollerblading or even taking a walk after dinner.  What a great way to stay connected with your family and make that one on one time that often gets lost in the shuffle of daily life.

There is a Pinellas Trail organization that oversees that the trail remains a safe, clean and enjoyable place for residents.  They have also positioned beverage stations periodically along the trail to provide a place for people to stop and get refreshments if needed. And don't forget your four legged friends.  Pets are allowed on the trail on a leash and it is a great way to help your animals stay active.  Many people have found it difficult to get the exercise they need in traditional neighborhoods or along busy roadways.  The Pinellas Trail offers that safe place to enjoy the Florida sun that we all moved to this area for.  So get out and enjoy this part of your town! 

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