Ten Minute Notice Showing Request

When They Want to See the House and You are Not Ready!

clean up

When selling your house you could receive a call to schedule a showing to take place within the next few minutes. Don't panic! You can do with quickly and with a little bit of window cleaner and paper towels. Don't take a chance of not allowing the showing, you may not get another request from this person and they may actually be the best buyer.

First thing: turn on all the lights!


Get the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the counters and sweep the floor.


Wipe down the sinks and counter, close the toilet seat and check the shower. Quickly shake out any throw rugs.


Straighten bedding and fluff the pillows. Hide any laying around clothes under the bed, not the closet.

Living Room

Hide magazines, newspapers, and games; remove clutter. Turn off the TV and quickly run the vaccum if there are carpets.


Gather up your pets and children and leave the house. Buyers aren't ready to meet you yet, they want to see if this is the house for them, not you.

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