making an offerMaking an Offer

Make sure you are pre-qualified by a lender or, preferably, pre-approved to before your offer to purchase is put into play. This shows sellers that you are a serious, solid buyer and are financially capable of purchasing a home. Once you’ve found the perfect home, it’s time to put in an offer!

The seller of the home is obligated to obtain and render information regarding the home to the buyer. Be sure to ask a series of questions to the seller to find out the most information.

1) Determine why the seller is selling the house. Is there a reason this seller is selling the house? Are there things about this home that the seller does not like? If so would he consider lowering his original price?

2) Find out how much the seller paid for the house. Asking the seller how much they originally bought the home for could get you a lower price. However, if the seller has added additions or remodeled the home it could have increased value. This could affect the home's actual market value.

3) Find out what the seller likes most and least about the home. Everyone has their own opinions but finding out what the seller likes best about the house might help you figure out what you like and dislike about the home.

4) Ask if the seller has had any problems with the home during ownership. It is very important to ask the seller about previous problems in the home. Was there any damage that you should be aware of? Has this created bigger problems throughout the rest of the home? Ask and obtain as much essential information as possible to benefit you when you are buying a home.

5) Find out about nuisances and difficult neighbors.  Ask about any loud animals, loud traffic noises, and problematic neighbors. This can give you some more insight as to why the seller is REALLY moving.

6) Ask the seller about the public schools in the area. Asking the seller about the community and public schools throughout the community will help give you some insight on the area.

Knowing every detail possible about a home you are interested in buying is extremely important. Using your agent to help answer your valuable questions will help you determine if the home of your dreams comes at a fitting price.

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