curb appealShowing Your Home

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions. 
The exterior of your home often determines how buyers will view the interior, so:

  • The front entrance is most important. Make sure it is sanitary and tidy. Light candles and spray air freshener as needed.
  • Be sure to repair or a replace a front door when it is dirty or worn out.
  • If there is any damage or wear to the outside of the home, repair it for viewing.

Highlight positive points:
Bring out the best in your home. Get in the buyer’s point of view. Keep it fresh and tidy as buyers will be viewing the home for a possible sale!

  • Make sure floors are clean.
  • Check any wallpaper and re-glue or replace it as needed.
  • Check all woodwork and replace as needed.
  • Repaint dirty walls to brighten the room.
  • Use a steam clean to clean the carpets or replace completely if needed.
  • Repair minor flaws throughout the home (broken light switches, loose knobs, sticking doors, etc.)
  • Repair any floor or wall damage to bathtubs and showers.
  • Make sure the bathrooms have clean towels.

Put Your Home in the best possible light. 

  • Avoid too many bright lights. Create a calm setting.
  • Rearrange furniture such as lamps to create a larger looking room.
  • Use specific lighting to accentuate the key points of the home.


  • Remove personal items from the refrigerator. Let the buyer's mind move in to this space.
  • Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if necessary. This “thins” out the room and makes it more appealing to viewers.
  • Rearrange and remove pictures as needed from the walls. Retouch any chipped paint.
  • Clean any carpets and windows.
  • Most important rule of a Lock Box: "They won't show it, if we don’t have it."


  • Move any materials into the garage (garbage cans, yard tools, etc.)
  • Clean off any dry rot from rooftops and gutters.
  • Avoid bushes and trees in front of windows. It's hard to see potential when you can't see the home behind bushes, trees, flowers, etc.
  • Remove all weeds and dead plants. Keep yard freshly manicured and fertilized.
  • Avoid small items on the patio. Small pots, plants and toys should go in the garbage.
  • Check paint all around the home, curb appeal is important!

In General
When remodeling your home consider the buyer. The more you add to the home the more monetary value you will add.

Under Ten Minute Showings:

There is a chance someone will call you last minute to view a home. Don’t worry. Here are some things to prepare in a situation like this.

  1. Sound: Make sure there is no television on. Possibly turn on a radio to set the vibe.
  2. Sight: Make sure every light is on in the home! and if it is day time be sure to have all blinds or drapes open.
  3. Odors: Heat up a Frozen pastry and add some vanilla to add a comforting scent.
  4. Kitchen: Make sure kitchen countertops are cleaned and there are no dishes in the sink.
  5. Bathrooms: Wipe all counters in the bathroom and make sure all toilets are flushed.
  6. Living Areas: Remove any clutter from the living space.
  7. Bedrooms: Make the bed up and hide clutter under the bed. Avoid closet.
  8. Exterior: Put away toys and clutter. Keep walkway clear.
  9. Kids and Animals: Keep all children and pets outside of the home while viewing. They can become a distraction.
  10. Goodbye: Try your best not to “hang around” the home. It is hard for a potential buyer to get emotionally attached to the home. Keep it short and sweet.


Let's Make Your Home a Showpiece!

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